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Mood Manager - Your Yearly Joy Diary


Mood Manager

is the result of years of self monitoring

during acute and chronic periods of anxiety. 

Your introduction to Mood Manager   – your yearly Joy diary.


The idea for this Joy diary first came to mind after an encounter with butterfly. Weird as this may sound, it’s true!  If your response to this is ‘well, you obviously didn’t feel as bad as I do’ then I challenge you to read on.  

Anxiety and depression were ruining my life. I couldn’t eat or sleep and any obligations totally overwhelmed me. By this point I planned to take me life because nothing was getting me out of the hell that consumed me. No therapy or meds seem to help anymore. I was desperate!

So, what did this butterfly do that made such a difference? I hear you ask. 

Well, it gently, fluttered down and landed on a flower just outside my window and for just a few moments I forgot how bad I felt.  In that moment I experienced calm and peace.  I remembered what it was like to not be so unwell.  The moment passed and I was back to feelings of fear and despair, but that moment gave me a glimpse of what wellness felt like, a brief reminder of how good life could be.

So surprised by this experience, I wrote it down as a reminder. Writing these moments down can act as a powerful reminder not only that things can better but of the moments in your life that make you smile. It could be a funny TV

 programme or when your dog pulls that goofy face.  Maybe a moment when a work colleague makes you a coffee or wishes you happy birthday. These little gems often get overlooked and underappreciated. 


Mood Manager enables you to spot these special moments and then note them, creating a feel-good reference book.

You can rate your mood out of 10 – 10 being fantastic and 1 being very low or anxious. This can provide important information for you by way of progress and a record for your doctor.


I have created a freebie for you to try. Click the button to download your own Mood Manager mini sheet and see how you get on being a Joy Detective!


Price reductionson both paperbackand spiral boundeditions

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