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Female 35-55 not feeling right?

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Well who'd have thought that after almost a year it looks like we have solved the puzzle!

Headaches, chronic fatigue, nausea and feeling overly emotional wasn't a vitamin deficiency. It wasn't antidepressant withdrawal syndrome it was.............


Yes it seems that all this wee lassie needed was to boost her levels of decreasing hormones.

Now here's a thing.......there seems to be a marker that women approaching menopause aka perimenopause often have vitamin d and calcium deficiencies. Another, is that anxiety is a very common symptom during this stage of life, along with weight gain, insomnia to mention a few.

Something that has been screaming out at me lately is the last bout of acute anxiety I suffered back in my early 40's. I had begun to put on weight for no apparent reason, I had numerous UTIs, sleep was short and interrupted and anxiety hit me like a ton of bricks, BAM!

Now because of my previous struggles with anxiety, my GP assumed this was a lifelong condition and chose to change my medication dosage and eventually change the medication itself. I self-referred for intense 1 to 1 CBT and basically did my best to live with the condition.

They say knowledge is a wonderful thing well I wish I had known about perimenopause and the menopause.....oh how do I wish this.

From what I now know, I believe hormones were the reason for my struggles in this instance rather than some mental health disorder such as recurring depressive disorder, one of the many labels I received over the years.

Recently I read that the time leading up to and around the menopause is like puberty in reverse with all the joys that went with it.


It's not my fault that a loo roll hung the opposite way around to the way I would hang, annoyed the hell out of me. It's not my fault that the sight of anything even remotely cute made me emotional.There's nothing wrong with me tearing up at the slightest hint of sadness. Im not a freak for feeling sensitive or crazy for looking for my glasses even as they sit on my nose and I'm definitely not going mad!

It's been 2 whole months on a low dose of HRT for me and the fatigue has almost gone. Anxiety levels have dropped and I no longer feel out of control. Confidence levels are on the up too and I feel positive about finding/manifesting a job with people I genuinely connect with.

So if you are a woman ages between 35-55 feeling like an alien has taken over your mind and body please have a read up about Perimenopause. There are many groups on Facebook, I like the Perimenopause Hub and also follow the Menopause_doctor on Instagram. Both are friendly and informative with info on HRT risks and benefits etc.

Don't be fobbed off. Even in these stressful times your wellbeing matters.

Much love


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