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About Me

My struggles with ill mental health came to a head (pardon the pun) back in 1995 when I experienced severe postnatal depression. I spent many weeks in a mother and baby unit until my medication and support was in place.   

Since then I acquired many diagnoses including anxiety and panic disorders, participated in hours of therapies and read a lifetime's supply of self-help books.    

One way to help deal with all I experienced was to write it down. Not only have I found this cathartic but these writings, in the form of blogs, created the possibility of helping others. Having lived through the isolation of ill mental health, loss of hope and utter despair it can bring, my wish is that no one has to take it on alone.​​​​

With a qualification in counselling skills I decide to train as a mental health first aider which was followed by further education in the mental health sector. 

I wanted to create a service that supported people at any stage of their wellbeing journey and that bridged the gaps within mental health support system. Using online sessions, followed up with written reports, I aim to assist those needing information and professional help by providing a one to one, confidential and non-judgemental space.  

Claire Wortley looking at the camera and smiling
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