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Your Session

All sessions take place online via Zoom or  WhatsApp and last approximately 30- 40 minutes. Camera shyness is not a problem as the session can be purely audio if you prefer.  During your session you can share your concerns, worries and questions which will then be relayed back to you to ensure you are heard and understood. Once the session is over,  a written report of the session will be emailed to you along with a list of resources, contacts and tips that will suit your needs. 

Our values are embedded in everything we do, and we are committed to helping our customers from the start of the process to the finish.


  • Approachability – with a realistic approach to life, Claire’s Chair prides itself on breaking down the barriers to support in an open and non- judgemental way.


  • Customer-centric– meaning the service provided is built around the customer with the most suitable solution provided to suit their needs.


  • Empowering – mental health and wellbeing issues can leave the individual feeling they have no control over their life.  Claire’s Chair aims to give that power back by providing information and options.


  • Resourcefulness – Claire’s Chair has a vast library of resources, information, and connections.


  • Uniqueness – the first service of its kind to serve those lost in the mental health system.


Our Mission is to bridge the gaps in mental health support by means of empathy and resources.

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