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Student One to One

Most Universities and places of learning have some sort of pastoral care in place, some of which is outstanding. For some students the resources may make a huge difference but for others it may feel like yet another minefield to negotiate.

Some students may fear their private matters are shared with other staff members within the Campus or worse, dismissed as unimportant.

Having the confidential support of someone who is there to talk you through the resources and listen to your concerns and worries can make a huge difference. Claire's Chair provides that confidential support without comeback or judgement.

The teenage years are fraught with issues from high expectations, raging hormones and relationships, so providing a regular safe space for the young adult to voice their concerns or ask for help without fear of repercussions is a vital resource.

These sessions have the same structure as the regular one to one sessions.  Claire’s Chair offers students sessions at a reduced price per session or when booked as a package.

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