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Mood Manager - Self Help

Anxiety and depression were ruining my life. I couldn’t eat or sleep and any obligations totally overwhelmed me. By this point I planned to take my life because nothing was getting me out of the hell that consumed me. No therapy or meds seem to help anymore. That was until I saw a butterfly!

As the butterfly fluttered down and landed just outside my window I totally forgot how bad I felt.  In that moment I experienced calm. Although the moment passed it gave me a glimpse of what wellness felt like, a brief reminder of how good life could be.

Surprised by this experience, I wrote it down in a diary. Writing these moments down can act as a powerful reminder or 'glimmer'. These little gems often get overlooked and are underappreciated. 


Mood Manager enables you to spot these special moments and then note them, creating a feel-good reference book. You can rate your mood out of 10 – 10 being fantastic and 1 being very low or anxious. This can provide important information for you by way of progress and a record for your doctor.


I have created a freebie for you to try. Click the button to download your own Mood Manager mini sheet and see how you get on being a Joy Detective!

Mood manager front page , Loch Morar

Click on the image to find out more about Mood Manager

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