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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Something I notice when I feel low is that I feel I am totally alone.

No one understands.

No one cares.

No one can see my isolation or offers me a way out of it.

Does this seem true to you?

Low mood is great at getting you to feel this way. In fact low mood, whatever its cause, will convince you that even getting out of bed is a waste of time. Nothing is worth the effort.

Feeling alone is what is so crippling with mental health. Lost, afraid, hopeless and desperate are many things that feel worse if we believe we are alone.

I have been in a room full of people and felt utterly alone. I have been surrounded by loved ones and felt alone. I have been laughing with friends and felt alone.

So why do we feel alone?

It could be that we are physically unwell.

It could be that we are tired or hungry

It could be that we are physically alone etc

It could be that we find socialising difficult or believe that we aren't socially accepted or liked enough.

It could be that we are struggling with mental health problems which emphasise our feelings of isolation.

I'm sure there are more I haven't mentioned.

When I feel alone I remind myself that I am never totally alone. As a living being I believe we are all connected to life. I don't have this belief connected to any particular religion I just believe that all living things are connected through a life source . This belief has helped me when I have been overwhelmed by the fear of being alone. It has created in me a greater respect for all living things and a gives me comfort and a feeling of safety knowing that I am always surrounded by life.

Look around and see the life around you.

If you feel really low reach out! Don't be alone with these feelings if they are overwhelming you. Feelings will pass but sometimes you may need help. Reach out for help from organisations like:-

Take care,


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