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Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Ok who of you out there is shy?

I am!!

Well until I know you I'm very quiet. Apparently once I do get to know people I don't shut up lol!

Do you struggle with social situations? Small talk? I DO!!! I can't count how many times have I watched other people I know walk into a room full of people they don't know and within minutes are involved in a full blown conversation.

This scenario fills me with dread if I'm there as myself. By that I mean not in a professional capacity or as a student.

How do these people do it? They walk in, look around the room, smile and then just start asking some random person questions like 'Have you come far?' 'Have you been here before?'

OMG my worst nightmare is when someone starts asking me questions especially when I have no desire to talk.

Even worse are closed questions.......

Have you come far? No. Have you?

Have you been here before? No . Have you? Isn't it a lovely day? yes, which I usually follow with some utter nonsense about rain, sun and hope it stays nice or improves.

The dreaded one what brings you here? A Car?!

To be fair I just don't see the point in talking unless have something interesting to say or you are interested in the person who's talking.

Maybe I'm not shy, maybe I'm antisocial!!!

What do you think? Shy or antisocial? Any tips gratefully received


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