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Meds update

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

So last night I took a lower dose again and I'm ok. I did wake earlier than usual but that could be because we have the builders in.

Anyway when I found myself awake earlier than desired I used a wonderful breathing technique called 7-11. Basically you inhale a shorter breath than you exhale. It dosne have to be inhale for 7 exhale for 11 it can be any numbers as along as the exhalation (out breath ) is longer. When I was extremely anxious I could just about manage 2-4 but with daily practice it's a great calming tool. :-)

I lay there concentrating on my breath and started to think of things I am thankful for.

Thank you for this warm comfy bed. Thank you for feeling safe. Thank you for a wee win on the bonds. Thank you for our dogs. thank you for the work being done on our house. thank you.........and so on.

It soon brought on so many good feelings that even though I didn't get back to sleep I wasn't worrying about not sleeping.

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