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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Love this word. I pinched it from Uncommon Knowledge self-hypnosis posts.

I caught myself with this this morning. I was at the local gym, which is very small compared to gyms in big cities, warming up on the exercise bike and couldn't help but notice some serious gym bunnies. These women were probably quite bit younger than me, say in their late twenties or early thirties and were seriously working out. I was getting breathless just watching all their bionic-ness. Guess who popped up with no real prompting? Self- doubt popped up all excited and ready to lay into me....

You're soooo much rounder than they're sooo're soooo'll never get the Davina'll never lose that baby belly...bla bloody bla.........

I'm glad to say that I grabbed self-doubt by the throat and proceeded to strangle it whilst shaking it my head of course!

I was proud of myself for not running away or getting all down on myself.

Comparanoia got it's butt kicked!!!

Watch out for this beastie......does he pop up a lot for you?

Much Love


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