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Field of Thoughts

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Hello lovelies

I haven't been on here much due to a lot of work being done at home. If you remember I reduced my meds again on how has it been?? To be honest I haven't noticed. I have been so busy that it slipped my mind , which isn't a bad thing.

Occasionally I wondered about stuff and felt the sneaky beast of overwhelm knocking but I went back to my Joy diary to remember all my joys/blessings.

This little book really is a gem. You see a lot of the time we develop habits of negative thinking. Dr Joe Luciani writes about his self-coaching method in which he believes a lot of our unhappiness and worry has become a habit. One brilliant thing he points out is that if it is a habit it can be broken. In fact I would recommend Dr Joe's books as I have found them very helpful at times.

Imagine your mind is like a field, a field full of flowers, say tulips.

For these flowers to bloom they need tending. If left alone disease or weeds could get in and start to weaken and eventually destroy the beautiful plants.

Your mind and thinking habits are the same as this field only the tulips are thoughts, healthy constructive thoughts.

The weeds are negative and destructive thoughts that need monitoring.

Just like a field will never be 100 % weed free neither will our minds be totally free of negativity and that is OK.

What we do need to do is keep checking in with our thoughts and checking for any new destructive thought patterns. The other way of stopping the overgrowth of weeds is to plant even more tulips. By this I mean the more we use tools like a joy diary to remind us of our blessings etc the less space and energy we give the weeds enabling them to grow.

This is still a fairly new concept to me as I always thought bad things HAD to be thought about, analysed and talked about but by behaving this way we are giving more energy and attention to what is negative in our lives.

If instead we give more time and thought to positive, happy or joyful things we are not only recognising and acknowledging all that is good in our lives but we are happier in ourselves and that spreads out to those around us, like a ripple effect.

Please let me know your thoughts on this :-)


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