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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Ok, so what do you do when you have anxious behaviour patterns and no one is giving you feedback on your blog?

If you're me and have an instinctive reaction of doubt then your doubt goes into hyper-drive telling you that no one thinks what you have to say is relevant and you were stupid to ever think anyone would be interested.

You then get all defensive and, in true tantrum style, tell yourself the worlds is pants and everyone can just '**** off'! :-o

Sometime later, once I've calmed down, I try to be more objective and other words put my grown up head on :-|

So I wonder what people think of my blogs. Maybe the way I write is too grammatically correct sometimes? Or maybe I sound too up myself?

Please if you have time to leave feedback I would really appreciate it . After all, all I want to do is share my journey with others who maybe feeling or have felt the same.

Take care


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