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Going places

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

I am glad to be home and especially glad to be back to my own bed.

The last 9 days I have been down to see my family in England at it was a challenge! Not my family I hasten to add but the driving and being elsewhere felt harder than before. I reckon this is partly down to reduced meds and a few other contributing factors.

The first was the horrendous weather which made the driving conditions a wee bit scary, to say the least.

I am an experienced driver and have driven to and from the Bucks/Oxfordshire areas and Lochaber in a day many times but I now choose to break the drive over two days. Snow, rain and gale force winds were my companion for much of the drive down. So much so that I rarely went over 60mph due to the amount of water on the road. 8 hrs of jaw clenching driving was exhausting so I started my wee hols pretty knackered!

The next three days were spent with my daughter and we had a cracking time although I was in charge so to speak. Once back at my parents I was running around trying to find tiles for the kitchen and furniture from Ikea( always bad for the credit card!!).

Needless to say that when I headed back up the road I was already tired and struggled with sore eyes.

So what was I feeling that I thought was down to meds??

I was aware that I couldn't settle very easily. Sleep wasn't particularly good or restful. It was no ones fault but I felt agitated. It didn't help that I had a screw in my tyre and that added to the cost of the trip. I felt uptight and was perspiring more than usual.....hormones perhaps? I don't really know but the most important thing is that I had a great time with my family and got many jobs done too.

So what to do about possible withdrawal and less meds? Relaxation I think. I need to practice what I preach and get on with 7-11 breathing, meditating and watching my eating habits. Oh something else that may be to blame is my diet. When I go away I don't stick to my usual eating habits. I am intolerant to several foods but I tend to go with the flow so as not to be difficult when I'm away. So maybe it's sugar, yeast and gluten upsetting me too?

I don't know for sure so this blog is even more of a blather than normal.

Glad to be home.

Take care



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