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Thank you

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

This post is to thank all the people who have supported and loved me through all the tough times.

The really tough times started back in 1995 after the birth of my beautiful daughter. I had chronic anxiety that was diagnosed as Post-Natal depression and spent 10 weeks in a Mother and Baby Unit. During this time my marriage fell apart but my parents and family stuck by me. My amazing mother loved me through my worst days when I begged her to bring up my daughter because I couldn't. This is all the more amazing because my mother had had her own struggles in the past. My father, steadfast in his faith, held us all up in prayer while bringing his strength and reliability to the situation. My brothers loved me from a far and I understood why they chose to keep away. My aunts were loving and supportive. Visiting when they could and feeding me chocolate as that was all I could eat. A childhood friend came to see me and get to know my daughter. She could always make me laugh!

Rather than explain every situation I will list all the wonderful people who have helped me.

My parents, brothers and aunts all helped me through the hellish times in my life. My childhood friend, who is still a part of my life now, was there for giggles. The church I grew up had so many people supporting me with prayer and visits. They encouraged me to keep the faith and keep going. (I no longer attend church but now consider myself a tolerant and spiritual person. I'm not ready to be open about this part just yet as I don't wish to cause upset). Various medical practitioners and therapist have helped me along my journey. Many authors have brought new emotional and cognitive tools to my knowledge which I still use to this day.

My beautiful daughter who has stuck with me through so many highs and lows. Let me tell you that this young lady is amazing! I am so proud to be her mother. Her resilience, love, understanding and wonderful fiery side make her a real treasure and I am honoured to be her mother and watch her grow into the fine woman she is.

Last but by no means least is my partner. This man has stuck by me when so many would've run. Our first 8 years were long distance and at times very difficult. My man has been there through everything, his own struggles, my suicidal period, my introverted times, my not eating times, everything! There are no words that can express my gratitude but I know of two that say to everyone who has supported, loved, prayed, believed, cuddled, accepted and just never given up on me,

THANK YOU !❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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