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Toxic people waken the tiny voices

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

It's amazing how the sunshine can lift your mood and make you feel hopeful.

I've had a couple of difficult days dealing with hormones and negativity but the sunshine is helping me today. Initially the negativity wasn't mine but it didn't take long for it to waken the little voices of fear.

Toxic is a word we hear a lot these days and it often refers to a relationship or person.

I'm thankful that I have very few people in my life that I would consider toxic but there are times when toxic people can affect me and I cannot change it.

What I became aware of this time was just how quickly their behaviour caused a ripple effect into my life. At first I felt rage at the lack of respect and was glad to have my punchbag, then I calmed down and released any further anger. It was when the ripples grew larger and intruded into my personal space that I started to hear the voices.

Nagging doubts started to resurface and internal dialogue became fearful.....

I can't handle this negativity, it's gonna make me sick. I don't want this near me but I can't do anything about it. I'm stuck, I'm stuck, I'm gonna suffocate in this ......bla bla bla.

As soon as I noticed this going on realised that I wasn't powerless. There were things I could do that would help me:-

-go for a walk or drive

-read a book


-catch my breathing and use the 7-11 technique


-listen to an audio book

-walk/play with the dogs


Basically do something that engages my mind or fills it with something pleasurable.

Learning to spot these moments and do something about them helps to retrain the brain and break old thinking patterns.

There's a great shop on Facebook called Spiffy which sells fab well being stuff. It had a brilliant badge which said 'Don't believe everything you think,'which is such a good prompt. Not everything that we think or feel is necessary true, sometimes it needs tweaking or questioning.

How do you train you brain?

Take care


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