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'But you look ok?!'

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Ever heard this line before? or maybe 'if you weren't well I would've noticed!'

I've heard these before along with many other lines.

I don't know why people think they would be able to see your depression/anxiety or mental health issue? There are plenty of physical illnesses/problems that are not obvious to the naked eye until they are chronic and a lot of mental health issues are the same.

Back in 2012 I was unwell both physically and emotionally. Sadly if I was actually having a good day someone often brought me down with a thud commenting on my being so pale or underweight.

During this particular time I realised I needed to make some changes. I wasn't sure what but it took another couple of years before I looked into nutrition and intolerances which played a part in my ill mental health.

Now I look far healthier and the next kind of comment I receive is 'but you seem so confident. You anxious? Don't be daft!

A lot of this comes down to me being in a much better place with my physical health. Constant over use of Anti-biotics had stripped my gut of its healthy bacteria leaving me with bad digestion, bloating and mood swings etc. I started probiotics and saw a vast improvement over time. Gradually I was learning to look after all of me, not just my skin or my hair but everything inside and out. As I felt better I felt able to take on more challenges and change. Anxiety would still niggle but this was more out of habit I believe.

I was in a show with the local Am Dram society and people would say that if I could get on stage I couldn't possibly have anxiety. This would make me angry and still does sometimes. Everyone who suffers from anxiety will find different things that feel impossible. For example no matter how anxious I was I could drive and drive anywhere but going to a party would totally freak me out as would trying new foods. For others it could feel impossible to drive but they would happily try new foods and socialise. As I said before, everyone is different.

So today's motto, I guess, is not to let people label you because your struggles aren't the same as their interpretation of illness/struggles. We are all unique and so are our struggles and paths to wellness.

Feel free to share them here or privately via message with me.

Love to all


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