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Grow a pair.......of ears.

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

I love this idea!

How often do we crave a pair of listening ears but don't really know how to provide that for others? As other people are telling us about their day, life, troubles or blessings how often are we already working out what we're going to say or what news we want to share rather than listen to all that is being said?

There is a trend right now of talking over other people or talking louder and longer until only your voice is heard;everyone has had to shut up because you are desperate to have your say. I know I can be guilty of this especially if I'm afraid of not being heard or forgetting my point.

Anyway back to ears........I used to tell the children I worked with that you have two ears and one mouth for a reason and that is to do twice as much listening as talking. I wasn't saying they shouldn't speak up but rather they may well learn more form others if they listened more than they shouted.

Something I recognised, during my own times of healing, was that to listen to others helped to get me out of my head. It helped me to see there was more to this world than whatever my crazy head was telling me. Of course there were times when to even contemplate listening felt impossible but when I could, I did.

Maybe we could all benefit from growing a pair as both listener and speaker? How often do you really listen?



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