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Joy Diary

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Let me tell you about one of my many pieces of well being armour I use daily.

My Joy diary is similar to a Gratitude Diary but not the same.

When I was going through a seriously shite time, trying to find anything to be grateful for felt impossible. In fact to me gratitude felt like an obligation, things I should be grateful for rather than what I really am grateful for e.g. place to live, job, family etc.

I'm not saying I wasn't grateful for these things rather I couldn't feel grateful for them.

On one particular day I dragged myself onto my old exercise bike, put my earbuds in and listened to yet another self-help talk. I had listened many times but this time I heard something new and for just a minute maybe two I felt good. I mean really good. I experienced that warm fuzzy feeling in my belly and my heart seemed to swell. Wow It was so good! Yes I crashed back down moments later but I had experienced feeling good again even though it was just for a brief time.

I made a vow to myself that I would try to feel that good again the next day. Of course anxiety and depression had other know the kind of crap they spout......

Bet you won't feel good tomorrow! It was a one off. you'll never get better so why bother even trying. You can't do it, you're pathetic and weak. You're the ONLY person who will never feel better!!!!!

Anyway the next day I did find that feeling again and I allowed it to stay as long as it wanted to. Anxiety and depression can rob you of a truthful memory I decided I wanted to make a note of what made me feel good. This is how my Joy Diary was born.

Every night before bed I write how I rate my mood throughout the day 0-10......thankfully most days are 8 upwards now. I do this so I can keep a check on any blips or lows.

After that I write about 5 things that brought me joy during the day eg dog burped and made me laugh, sunshine on my face....that kind of thing.

At the moment I also have a column for my other half. This is where I put at least three of the things he has done, said etc during the day e.g brought me a cup of tea, cooked dinner, put his dirty undies in the laundry basket lol. I find this helps to alleviate relationship anixety and reinforces all the good in the relationship.

Lastly I read what I wrote the night before every morning. This sets me up ready to spots the new days joys/blessings.:-)

Below is an example........

4th Feb 2019 9

· Bright skies (Good for Scotland)

· Filled holes in wall ready for painting

· Enjoyed Aqua Aerobics and worked hard

· My new boots don’t rub

· Dogs went mad in the snow

· Brought me a cuppa in bed

· Helped clear away stuff 😊

· Says he loves me ….awwww

Ok lovelies that's me done for now. Off to chill out.

Take care



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