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Balancing Act

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Well all is good with the physical trouble I was having with Seed Cycling. I am back to feeling confident about my med reduction and most other things. So there is no acting as such.....mind you this brings to mind that saying 'fake it till you make it'.

There are many people who believe this is a load of crap and doesn't work and I agree to a point eg if you believed you were a frog obviously you would not become a frog!🐸😐😐

However it can work in other situations.................

Many years ago, in a land far, far away....well England, I was waiting to go in to a singing exam. I paced the waiting room, clenching my fists and jaw like some sort of crazed being. Thoughts of failure galloped around in my head, convincing me I was doomed.

A this point in time my tutor piped up with some advice.

'Look how you pace around, winding yourself up. There is something I think you should do! Instead of pacing I want you to imagine you are a princess!'

I laughed because I have been known to be a diva sometimes but never a princess!

'Stand like a princess, head and chin up, elongate your spine and then gliiiiiiiiiide like a princess!'

I minced around feeling stupid only to be reprimanded,'demonstrate poise, elegance and grace. Slow down! Stand tall and refined!'

So seeing a she was my tutor I did as I was told.....I lifted my chest, put my shoulders back and glided around the room. The more I slowed my movements and focused on being majestic, the calmer I became. With my head up, jaw relaxed and chest open I began to breathe deeper allowing my nervous system to respond appropriately as I glided into the Exam room to sing 'I feel pretty from West side story. How Ironic?lol

So peeps moving and acting like calm, confident people (Power Pose) does actually alter your bodies response to a situation.

let me know what works for you.

Much Love


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