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The Importance of a good hug.

Today is not an easy day!

I started this blog by telling you why today and several before it is not an easy day but to be honest I felt it was too much personal information.

The fact is life is tricky, no down right hard for my family right now. There is no way of knowing how our situation will play out or the toll it is taking on us as individuals. We each need to exercise selfcare and compassion , not to mention tolerance of each others moods and emotions.

The roller-coaster we are all on is exhausting, frightening and draining.

However there is one thing that really helps and that is a good hug.

It is said that for a hug to be effective it needs to last at least 6 seconds and be a proper hug. Not the type where you hold back . You know the type you give to people you feel you should hug but aren't super close too.

The simple action of a hug can mean so much:-

I love you

I miss you

I am here for you

You matter to me

I've got you

You're doing well


I'm sorry



You are safe

I must admit to be hugely grateful for hugs.

What do hugs mean to you?

Sending hugs to all who need them.

Much Love


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