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Tick, tock. It was just a matter of time before I joined Tiktok.

What with work and HRT I've been a tad busy but I'm never far away.

Things are settling down and soon I hope to be my organised self again!


It seems I've been making a doozy of a mistake by not using subheadings. I shall be more conscious of this in future. What do you think about subheadings? Personally, I've left them out because of my conversational style but I would love feedback. Reaching those who need support is my priority.

It's Time!

Much as I try to limit social media time I decided Tiktok was a good place to reach people. I'm definitely not an influencer or a stunnet but I'm happy to step in front of a camera to offer support and understanding to others. So you can fund me at Claire Wortley 766.

Please do get back to me about my blogs as I'm happy to adapt if its helpful.

Take care all.


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