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It's Ok to not be Ok - really?😡😡

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

This saying really bugs me, in fact it makes me angry. I get the gist behind know ...that you don't have to feel ok all the time but to me it says 'it's ok to feel crap fact it's normal'. Now this is true, it is normal to have bad days, sad days, lost days, lonely days, afraid days, I can't be arsed days but this is only ok if it's 'days'; a group of days that don't turn into months.

You see I feel this saying could almost stop people from reaching out when they need it the most because it trivialises not being ok. It could imply that we all feel shite so just get on with it and this concerns me, a lot!

I think the message we need to get out there to people who are struggling is that it's ok to admit you are struggling but please reach out, talk to a trusted friend, your GP or go on a blog like this and talk to others who understand and will support you.

There is NO shame in needing help.....NONE AT ALL! Ok some people might think I am saying this to excuse my own struggles but I am no longer ashamed of what I have endured and the crap I have beaten.

I wish I could shout this out for all to hear because I truly believe this.

Put it this way....Shame feeds the struggles we may be facing, in fact it may well be part of the cause. Guilt at being unwell is also another feeder of emotional and psychological pain and struggle. These two emotions are not unlike worry and worry is like a using a rocking gives you something to do but gets you nowhere (Erma Bombeck).

So my question is 'do you need help?'

If you do please don't be ashamed. You matter and your struggle matters too.

Don't be 'not ok' on your own.❤


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