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World Mental Health Day

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

What does this mean to you?

For me?

I am glad that mental health is still being talked about.

The cynic in me gets a wee bit miffed that more and more celebs come forward and jump on the band wagon especially if they have a new album,book or movie coming out. They may help some people to come forward with their struggles or for some they may just feed the sense that there is no hope......after all if a wealthy celeb can't be happy then the rest of us don't stand a chance eh?

Well being is about being educated, changing lifestyles and talking about where we get stuck be it mentally or physically. It's a way of life.

To me us humans have got it wrong! We spend far too long at work . We constantly chase what we think we need to have or what we need to be happy and we become blind to the beauty that is already in our lives.

It makes no sense to have parents that have to work full-time and have no time for their kids just to keep a roof over their heads

It makes no sense that our children are becoming more and more anxious because of the internet, influencers and lack of exercise.

It makes no sense that we can't be tolerant of each other as long as no one is harming the other.

It makes no sense that respect and manners have been forgotten.

It makes no sense that we have seen fit to damage and continue to damage our planet and think it's ok.

It makes no sense that the ones we love the most we spend the least amount of quality time with!

Politicians and Brexit? Well that's a topic I don't go near...I am, after all, trying to reduce my medication!🙄🙄

So how do we spot the gems in our lives with all this going on?

Joy diary, gratitude diaries are brilliant ways to start thinking of what is good rather than what is dragging us down.

But if that isn't your thing just now, try becoming a thought detective.

Every time you recognise a thought that isn't conducive to positivity, see if you can break it down to something's an example:-

The traffic is awful today , I'm going to be late for work again!

How about changing this around to something like - my car is running well and if I leave earlier tomorrow I am sure to get to work on time.

I'don't have time to listen to the kids reading - If i ask the kids to help with tidying then I can give them the time I promised them.

God I am fat/ugly/short/plain/boring . I don't know what my partner/anyone sees in me -

My body is relatively healthy and if I look after it , it responds. I am as worthy of love as anyone else (Claire Says So) and I will start looking for things I like about myself.

These things may seem daft to you but believe me they work. You cannot come up with anything that I haven't tried to tell myself ......I have made every excuse not to like, hell, love myself. I have been so negative that I have seen people I know turn the other way and walk away from me.

I have believed that there was nothing about me worth loving, liking, caring about.

As an adopted child I believed for many years that if my own mother couldn't stand me then why the hell should anyone else? These were thoughts of a child but ones I carried into adulthood. Most core beliefs are that of a child as that is when they are formed but they can be challenged, thanked, released and changed.

I hope this has helped you to realise that you are not alone with negativity and despair. You can begin to make changes right now, today.

I would love to hear how you are getting on but even in the silence, know that you matter.

Much Love


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