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I've hit the wall!

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Yep......reducing Mirtazapine/Remeron has been plain sailing up until now.

I've sussed out that feeling unwell is almost definitely due to reducing the medication.

Up until now I have deliberately avoided websites and horror stories about coming off medication for anxiety and depression.

I told myself I wouldn't let myself be put off by my mission to be drug free. And to be honest I know I deserve a pat on the back for getting this far. Also, for keeping up with well being practices including diet and exercise.

However today I feel crap!

My shoulders and arms ache. My mood is one of agitation or insecurity and my stomach thinks I'm pregnant again.....bloody nausea.

So I feel shite..............what am I gonna do about it?


  1. Firstly, I've contacted the Doc to let him know I have decided to stick at 15 mg for now. It all needs to be recorded. Not only for my benefit but for helping others in future.

  2. Next up, step up the self care! I 'm gonna be strict about my diet and supplements. I need to power up my body to enable it to stabilise.

  3. Hot baths with Epsom salts, whenever I need them to ease the aches and pains

  4. Oh yeah a biggy - stay hydrated!

  5. Take time to relax & practice a healing meditation/visualisation.

  6. Be kind to myself! I am doing the best I can in this moment ❤

  7. Be honest with myself and those around me. If I need to take a moment to process something it's ok as long as people know what's going on.

  8. Journal-ling about how I feel both physically, emotionally etc and of course power up that Joy Diary and Wffs!(warm fuzzy feelings)

  9. Lastly, remind myself that this is not permanent!

These are the things that come to mind right now. I may think of others to add but I think you get the gist of what I'm going to do.

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